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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  August 8, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's 6:00. it feels twice as humid. that's saying something. marty is over at first warning weather. >> good morning. let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. we don't have any rain on our current scan. that is going to change as we move through the day. humid, you bet. look at that dew point. that's about 93% humidity on that 73 degrees. 2 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. by lunch 83 going to a high of the mid upper 80s. after 11:00 a shower or thunderstorm in the area. here a christy breslin in for sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> hi, everyone. yes, on the somewhere v jones falls expressway in the northbound direction
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that's closed off at falls road due to a crash. more details as they become available. other problems include a disable vehicle at keller avenue at pair aing parkway. an accident eastbound 195 at metropolitan boulevard. in the carroll county area, a downed tree route 97 at hoods mills. it's at the carroll county and howard county line. if 87 to 95, 55 miles per hour and 7 minutes to get through. traffic is building there on the beltway but right now it's moving along without any trouble. now wjz has the stories people are talking about here's don. >> thank you. karla porter is on trial for ordering the murder of her husband. now jurors are preparing to hear from her. mike schuh is live. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. porter is expected to take the stand today. a day after the jury heard her taped confession. >> when william ray porter was
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shot dead at this towson he is gas station he owned his wife called 911. >> my husband has just been shot. >> listen to me, what is your name? >> karla porter. >> at first she claimed her husband was shot in the head by a black man during an armed robbery. >> do you know the person? >> no, i've never seen him before. he was black. he just came in the side door. >> police say her whole story is a lie, that she master minded a plan to have her husband murdered. she even enlisted the help of several people, including her sister, brother nephew to hire walter bishop. >> bishop confessed, telling police he was promised $9,000 by karla who only asked one question when it was over. >> she asked if he was dead, i said i guess. >> during a long interrogation with police karla porter broke down. she claimed her husband had mentally and physically abused her and she just wanted
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it to end. >> i just wanted to someone to hit him. i didn't want any of this to happen. i didn't. >> what happened, carr karla? >> he was just being really mean. >> reporter: the prosecution rested after playing that confession. the defense takes over today. i'm mike schuh reporting live from towson. back to you. >> thank you. if porter is convict ed ed prosecutors will ask the judge for life in prison without the possibility of parole. the u.s. military is battling back against al-qaida threats in yemen. this is believed to be the fifth drone attack on terrorists in yemen in two weeks. it comes in response to a plot to bomb oil pipelines. on tuesday the state department warned americans to leave yemen after the u.s. intercepted talk. trapped in kenya, a fire at
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nairobi airport has stranded a dozen marylanders on an aid trip. here is marty's over at first -- here is meghan mccorkell. >> the fire happened on the 15th anniversary of the u.s. embassy bombing in kenya. officials do not believe it's terror related. >> a fire tears through the nairobi airport in kenya. the entire arrivals area was engulfed. >> we saw people running out and knew something was wrong. >> it took hours for rescue workers to control the raging fire. >> that black smoke was huge. >> sue snide er r has been glued to the coverage. her 22-year-old son j.d. is in kenya building a home with habitat for humanity susquehanna. he was group was on the way to the nairobi airport when the fire sparked. >> my first thought is who blew this up. they're not saying
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whether they know if it was somebody or not. >> all 10 maryland volunteers now in limbo, stuck in a hotel hoping for a flight back home. >> at this point they don't know when. they're safe, they're happy and they're just waiting. >> the harford county group is not the only maryland aid workers impacted by the fire. katie price with catholic relief services based in baltimore had just landed at the airport and was on the tarmac. she tells the washington post she was watching the fire get bigger and bigger. she said it looked like the entire terminal would be gone. much of the international terminal is now destroyed crippling air traffic. >> the habitat for humanity group has been told they most likely will be able to leave kenya within the next 72 hours. >> no one was killed in the fire. two people were treated for smoke inhalation. $20,000 worth of diesel fuel has been stolen from a baltimore
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county business. we have surveillance video from early monday morning. the thieves used a hose to transfer 5,000 gallons into a tank in their truck. right now police say they don't have any idea as to a suspect. there were three winning tickets to last night's powerball jackpot. none of them from maryland. ohfficials say two winning tickets were sold in new jersey and in minnesota. here's the numbers 5, 25, 30, 58 and 59. the powerball 32. here is kai jackson who filed this report before the drawing as thousands of us hoped to wake up rich. >> big money is up for grabs in the powerball lottery game. dreamers lied at the canton market in baltimore. the jack pat is at $425 million. >> my kids would have a great trust fund. give back to my mama, my step dad, my brother and then i'm out of baltimore. see you.
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>> there have been winning powerball jackpots in pennsylvania a, delaware and west virginia. maryland is not on that list right now. a group of teachers split $218 million. maryland's portion of the monster mega millions jack pat that was $656 million. >> i would not like the lump sum. >> how come? >> because when you have a lot of money in your hands you don't do anything but spend it. >> this is the fourth biggest jackpot in the game's history. that has players hoping they pick the winning numbers. it's easier to list the state that is don't have powerballs, only 7 don't have the game. cashing out would give the winners a $244 million lump sum. >> my girlfriend works there. she got one for me and one for her. >> your odds of winning the powerball jackpot, 1 in 175 million. i'm kai jackson reporting. back to you. >> thank you.
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again, three tickets sold, two in new jersey and one in minnesota. it's time to check in with relatives. chris davis blasts his 41st homerun of the season as the orioles dominate the padres. j.j. hardy started the birds off on the right foot. he drives the ball to left feel for a solo homerun. in the 8th chris davis delivered one of the longest homeruns ever hit. it traveled 453 feet. a three-run blast as well. the birds beat the padres 10-3. so the ravens are down south. they traveled to tampa yesterday to take on the buccaneers. the defense will make a start. a new group is stepping up to the challenge.
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>> we got a great group here. i mean, pretty much everybody is capable of going out there and playing and getting the job done. it's going to be interesting. it's going to be a fun year for us. we feel like we can go out there and play with anybody. >> ravens and buccaneers play tonight. the first pre-season game is next thursday when the falcons come to town. of course this area continues to mourn the loss of a local legend. art donovan died sunday at the age of 89. his funeral is tomorrow at the cathedral of mary art queen on charles street. it will begin at 11:00. you can watch live coverage on wjz 13 and also on >> an athlete who played at the highest level. he lived on hot dogs and beer. who needs performance-enhancing drugs when you have that? isn't that just the best.
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speaking of performance, let's talk about the chris davis homerun. last hour we looked up distance from home plate to the warehouse at camden yards. if he would have been here he would have broken a window. nobody in a regulation game has hit that warehouse. during an all star -- the homerun, they lobbed it in. >> sure. >> in a game , a competitive pitch on a fly, nobody has hit that warehouse. davis would have broken a window. let's think that one out. here's first warning doppler weather radar on this purple thursday. ravens play tonight. get your pup l on purple on. no rain in the metro right now. that's going to change from 11:00 on. shower and thunderstorms any time. when it rains it's going to rain hard at times. a high today in the mid upper 80s. this is going to be
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interesting people we're talking to. this is the newest food craze. ron, take it away. how do you describe it ? >> reporter: well, it's undescribable. is that a word? started in new york and now it's come to baltimore. these are cronuts. look at these. we're at reggies in federal hill. allen, you got them, right ? >> we got them. we're calling them why not in honor of the orioles. why not year. >> reporter: there will be a taste test this morning. what is the cronut? >> the cronut is a -- first of all, it would have been art donovan's breakfast of choice every day. but it's cr oushgs esan -- but put,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. 167 missile -- 16 minutes after the hour. it's steep out there. 72 degrees now, bare ly ly a breeze. barometer has risen to 30.01 the mid 70s ocean city, pax river easton and dc, cumberland and hagerstown 64 degrees, oakland 70, westminster and bel air 70, 72 columbia. there's relief out to the west. a big dome of high pressure is pushing a frontal boundary our way. it's going to be 84 today. it's going to feel uncomfortable. even after dinner time towards bedtime we're still in the mid 70s with humidity at 94%. this should come to an end saturday morning as this frontal boundary slips
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through the area. 86 degrees is going to be the high temperature this day. 72 over night. any shower or thunderstorm shoud contain heavy downpours. again, it's not going to rain all day. 87 saturday. 88 saturday, 85 less humid sunday, less humid 87 monday, less humid 86 tuesday. the rush right now from christy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, everyone. things remain complicated on the jfx in that northbound direction. it's closed at falls road due to a crash. a disabled vehicle 97 northbound at the beltway. watch for an accident 95 southbound at 195 followed by a crash taylor avenue at pairing parkway. if you are traveling in the carroll county area, the downed tree still lingering there 97 at hoods mill road near the carroll county, howard county line. you can see things getting much busier there, particular on the outer loop of
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the beltway at 70. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. ever dream of the places you'd like to go? well, toyota can take you there. now is a great time to get a great deal at let's go places. straight down to south baltimore, old school, federal hill as new school would say it. take it away, ball. >> reporter: we're at reggies. we're talking about the cronut. it started in new york. it's a craze people are waiting in line for 2 hours to get a cronut. allen, good morning. >> good morning. good morning guys up on the hill. the cronut. >> reporter: now , exactly what is it? >> it's flaky. it's moist. it's juice y. you can stuff it with pudding, blueberries,
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strawberries. it's a cross between a croissant and a donut. it's deep fried, which always adds flavor. it's the hottest thing in food since chinese delivery. >> reporter: there you go. >> there you go . >> reporter: now, chef mark is here. chef, how do you do all this? you got the deep fryer. >> well, we make sure we use a flaky pastry is we can get layers. it adds to that effect. then i make a moose mouse that we stuff them with and then whatever fruit is available. >> reporter: what do we have this morning? >> vanilla and fresh blueberries. another cronut to dry. >> ron. >> reporter: yeah. >> a quick question. is it good enough on its own that you could just like eat it like a
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donut or like a croissant does it have to have something with it, like ham or cheese? >> reporter: yeah, this is -- you don't need to eat anything with this. this is stand alone, right? >> this is a great dessert. >> reporter: there you go. >> you can split this with guests at a table, cut it up four ways. people are coming into reggies having lunch, dinner and they all have to try to cronut. nobody wants to be left out. everybody wants to get in on the craze. they read about it. dominic up in new york is the creator of this product. if you can't get to new york it's the next best thing. you save money on the plane, the bus, the train. come down to south baltimore and enjoy a cronut. >> reporter: i got to tell you, this is the closest i'm ever getting to heaven. >> wow. >> marty and don
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, we will make sure you guys get a cronut back at the studio. >> here's another question. the question would be, what kind of -- how many calories does this thing have? is it a calorie bomb? >> reporter: is it a calorie bomb? >> it's a calorie bomb. >> that's fine as long as you know going in. >> reporter: if you're going to enjoy, enjoy. you only live once. >> when guests go out to dinner they want to splurge. this is a splurge. you have to try it. >> end of dis cussion. >> in you try -- if you try it once you will tell your friends. >> reporter: quickly, the guy in new york trademarked cronut. you're calling yours? >> whunut for why not? why not. >> reporter: why not ? chef mark, thank you. >> thanks for coming in. >> reporter: all right . we're at reggies, south baltimore, the
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cronut. guys, we're going to bring some back to you on tv hill. >> and a side after tay of ta tshgs -- of tator. >> thank you. >> reporter: have a great one. see you. >> the guy in new york is suing restaurants who use cronuts. that's why we have why notes. it's august and the dog days of summer are here wjz wants to see picture offense your petks of your -- pictures of your pets. go to and send in and send in yours,,,,
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pretzels! [loudly] no, thanks! pretzel roll from dunkin'. try the new pretzel roll sandwiches from dunkin' -- get any bakery sandwich on a soft, warm pretzel roll today. america runs on dunkin'. next up this morning right here on wjz. >> she's already confessed the hiring a hit man to kill her husband. now she'll take the stand in her own defense. aisle mike schuh, a live report from towson. a suspicious material is found at a local congressman's office. i'm monique griego. coming up, why the has hazmat crews, fbi and bomb squads were called out. a fire in southern california destroys homes and
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thousands of acres. good morning. i'm christy breslin at wjz traffic control. volume building on the major roadways with accidents along 95 southbound. i'll have the full report coming up. practical jokers is back. it's a foursome of high school friends and comedians. they take to the streets with ridiculous dares for one another. find out why this hidden camera show is different and extremely popular. that's as the morning edition continues right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at the bottom of the hour, that's a live look at the traffic moving on 95 in southwest baltimore city. christie will have the late st on that after marty's first warning weather. let's start with first warning doppler weather radar. we have a rain free scan this morning. it's not going to stay that way. dew point of 70,
6:30 am
temperature of 74. that's almost 94% humidity. 83 at lunch going to a high in the mid 80s. from 11:00 on showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. not hours worth of rain but any rain could be heavy at that time. what's happening with the jfx? here is christy breslin in for sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> hi, everyone. well, you want to a void the jfx in the northbound direction. it is closed at falls road right now due to an accident. we will brain you more updates when they become available. as far as other accidents go, 95 south bound an accident there at the off ramp to 195. that is completely blocked off. we have the downed tree 97 at hoods mill road. it's at the carroll county, howard county line. as far as delays go, southbound 95 slow approach to the beltway. a lot of cars but everything is moving around the posted speed limit now wjz has . now wjz has
6:31 am
the stories -- now wjz has the stories people are talking about. here's don. >> thank you. a woman is set to take the stand today in her own defense. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. karla porter is expect ed ed to take the stand today in her own defense. just a day after jurors heard her in a confession where she orchestrated a plot to kill her husband. >> when william porter was shot dead at this hess gas station he owned his wife called 911. >> my has has been shot. >> mississippi stretched a mile -- what's your name? >> karla porter. >> do you know the person? >> no. i never seen him before before. he was black and he just came in the side door. i went out and he came in. >> police say her whole story is a lie. she master minded a plan to have her husband murdered. she even enlisted the help of several people,
6:32 am
including her sister, brother and nephew to hire hit man walter bishop. >> bishop told police he was promised $9,000 by karla who only asked one question when it was over. >> she asked if he was dead. i said i guess. she okay. >> during a long interrogation with police karla porter broke down. during her tearful confession she claimed her husband mentally and physically abused her. >> i didn't want any of this to happen. i didn't. >> what happened, car karla? >> he was just being really mean. >> reporter: porter was the last of five conspirators to go to trial. the hitman was sentenced to life in prison. i'm mike schuh reporting live in towson. back to you. >> thank you. if porter is convicted prosecutors will ask the judge to sentence her to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
6:33 am
the trial of the army psychiatrist in texas has come to an assault. hassan's lawyers said he's trying to get the health penalty but not putting on a defense. they're asking the judge to remove them from the case. the trial has been stopped while the judge considers the request. some tense moments outside the office of elijah comings has hazmat crews, bomb squad and federal agents called in. >> the mount vernon office of congressman elijah cummings at the center of an intense fbi investigation. >> they were surrounding the door. i heard there was a suspicious note and some substance on the door. >> a employee with military experience arrived at work and noticed the putty like material stuck around the outside door. >> she noticed that there was
6:34 am
something that gave the appearance of plastic explosive devices in various places around the door. >> no one was allowed in the building and they they tested the material. >> it was not an explosive device but it was made to appear that way. there was wiring connected to it. >> the fbi confirm it had material was not hazardous. several sticky notes were found on the glass next to the black putty but cummings said they did not contain any specific threats. workers from the building next door told us the whole thing made them end easy. >> i was scared. i want to be by it. >> this is the world we're living in. crazy. >> cummings said anything out of the ordinary has to be taken
6:35 am
seriously. >> sadly it's become our normal to expect negative things to happen. i just thank god that it wasn't more than what it was. >> monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> about ten people work in cummings baltimore office. in new york police are investigating a statute of jackie robinson being vandalized. it's located at the minor league park in brooklyn. there's another wild fire burning in southern california this morning. it's a big one. the blaze has already de stroyed several homes. >> flames poured out of a building in river side county, california as the wild fire quickly consumed thousands of acres. kcbs reported from their helicopter. >> at least a dozen homes on fire. >> the fire started yesterday but moved fast.
6:36 am
>> we realized how quickly this fire moved. >> at one home a statute of a deer was still standing, the flames wiped out just about everything else. >> we're flying over that plat area. you can see just hot spots of structures being burned. >> the fire trapped some residents and sheriff's deputies but they were all able to safely escape. hundreds were forced to evacuate. >> i'm hoping that my house is still okay. we left. the fire was just right there but the fire that was further up 243 hasn't yet come this way yet. >> this could turn out to be one of the worst wild fire seasons on record. the black forest california fire was the most destructive. weeks later 19 members of the hot shot crew died in arizona.
6:37 am
>> as night fell a large area glowed orange, highlighting how much land is still burning. >> the fire has injured three people, two of them firefighters. an anne arundel county company lays off hundreds of employees. dinasplit is laying off 500 workers, about half of them in married. according to our media partner the baltimore sun they have problems with their credit and has disrupted their cash flow and couldn't make payroll. company officials plan to recall laid off workers after repaying their debts, possibly by mid november. it's a common swimming pool damage, a child getting stuck in a pool train and nearly drowning. that's what happened to the son of singer usher. how to prevent this from happening to your children. >> a frantic call for help. >> mississippi stretched a mile -- what's the status? >> my nephew was in the pool.
6:38 am
he went in. i couldn't get him. >> 5-year-old you should usher raymond the 5th stuck at the bottom of the family's pool. his aunt dialled 911 and two men installing equipment jumped in. one of the men saved the boy's life. >> he's breathing. >> okay. stay with us. >> when pardon me paramedics -- when paramedics arrived the boy was conscious and alert. usher was not home at the time. >> although incidents are rare they can happen any time. a person's body part, clothing or hair can get pulled into the pool drain >> between 1999 and 2009 there were 70 injuries from pool drain end trapments and 12 deaths. >> that suction can be powerful. >> gary hohn of hohn pools said
6:39 am
they should have covers like this one. >> kids, their curiosity can draw them to the main drain. they want to touch it. >> play time turned into a near-death experience. you -- usher has primary custody but now his ex-wife filed paperwork to get custody instead. >> all public pools are now require today have drain covers thank to a law in 2008. odds are you don't have one of the three winning tickets from last night's powerball jackpot. there were three winning tickets, two in nonlife -- in new jersey and one in minnesota. thousands of people won lower tier prizes matching some of the
6:40 am
numbers. here they are, 5, 25, 30, 58 and 59, the powerball 32. the orioles make a statement on the road as they dominate the padres out in san diego. j.j. hardy started the birds off on the right foot driving the ball to left field for a homerun. later in the game chris davis delivers one of the longest home ones at petco park. it travels an estimated 453 feet. the birds beat the padres 10-3. in this city we're getting ready to say good-bye to a local legend. art donovan died last sunday. his funeral is tomorrow at cathedral of mary art queen on charles street. it begins at 11:00 and you can watch coverage here on wjz 13 and also at >> it's interesting we're starting a new football season
6:41 am
tonight, the evening before the burial of art donovan. we referred to the former baltimore colt. >> yes. >> having said that , raven nation, baltimore football nation, isn't it about time we drop it that we only have two championships? isn't is it about time we start to look at five championships, 58, '59, '71 and then the two super bowl with the ravens. two the colts, three with the ravens. if you look at it historically we have five championships. it wasn't called the super bowl. it was but -- do you know what i'm saying? >> the city does have five championships. >> we have to start referring to it this way. how do you not when we still refer to art
6:42 am
donovan the former baltimore colt. it is decades of fun. >> okay. i see your point. >> there's no butt but to it. pittsburgh, i'm glad you got six super bowls, but we have five. that's the way you have to look at it. >> we do. >> it's a fact of life. tell me the 58 e '58 game wasn't as tough as the game we played in new orleans? >> not at all. >> thauj very much thank -- thank you very much. we have showers come ing into the area today. from 11:00 on we're going to have rain. 83 at lunch on its way to a high of about 86 to 87. the low 70s now. coming up on coffee with, it's another hidden camera show but there's a bit of a twist to this one. its making it unique enough to get it into its second year. what makes impracticaler jokepractical
6:43 am
jokers stars? christy breslin has wjz traffic control and we're going to have,, ♪ for a strong bag that grips the can... get glad forceflex. small change, big difference.
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72 degrees right now. 93% humidity. barometer is at 30.01. a barm and humid morning. ocean city, easton, pax river, dc, rock hall, annapolis, kent island all in the mid 70s. it appears this frontal boundary is going to get through on saturday. this will get itself past the mid atlantic saturday morning. by saturday morning here on the western shore life should be good. we should all have a beautiful sunset saturday night. by the mid afternoon 84 degrees and humid. like 94% humidity. still in the mid #u7 upper 70s by 9:00 and humid. again, showers and thunderstorms around. so the front gets here, gets through the region. it doesn't necessarily cool off but it gets
6:47 am
less humid. frankly temperatures around normal. a not like we have a big heat wave going here. 86 is the normal and the high today. tomorrow 87. saturday we're going to start off cloudy, end sunny 88. sunday sunny 85, monday sunny 87, tuesday sunny and 86. a portion of the jones fall expressway has been closed. here is christy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> problems do continue on the jfx. northbound remains closed at falls road. we have an accident in the southbound direction on the jfx at pleasant street. other accidents include southbound 95 with the off ramp to 195 closed off. we have a downed tree hood mill road at 87, the howard county, carroll county line. watch for a traffic light out 32 at 70. as far as over all travel times go, on the outer loop from 83 to 95, 55 miles per hour average and 10 minutes to get through. let's take a live look.
6:48 am
you can see that's wide open there on beltway at 70. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. ever dream of the places you'd like to go? well, toyota can take you there. now is a great time to get a great deal at back to you. >> thank you. this morning's coffee with is with james and joe. the satellite interview is furnished by tru tv. >> james, joe, how is it going this morning? >> doing great. >> i got to tell you this is an interesting show. here's where i'm going with this. i think in the past month and a half we have done two or three different satellite interviews regarding other shows that are basically doing the same type thing, candidly pranking someone. having said that, why has this
6:49 am
had a resur gent? camera camera started it, then punked and then it disappeared again and now it is. why do audiences love this? >> i like to say imitation is the greatest form of flatter ri. in a typical praing show it's the koe mediaen pranking the public. in our show, impractical jokers it's us pranking ourselves. that change brought about i think a lot of this in the hidden camera. >> i mean, hidden camera really is if you think about it people watching. everybody across -- >> [no audio] ♪,,,,,,
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7 and a half before 6:00. we're going to update the situation on the jfx with christy breslin. >> we've told you through this morning we do have that closure
6:53 am
northbound on the jones falls expressway at falls road. that's really tieing things up at this point. we also have an accident that we're watching in the southbound direction on the jfx at pleasant street. as far as the accident on southbound 95 goes, the off ramp to 195 does remain closed. we still have slowing 95 southbound as you you approach the beltway on the northeast corner. as far as your over all drive times go on the outer loop from 83 to 95, 55 miles per hour average and 10 minutes to get by. the roads look look they have a toe truck on the scene. hopefully the jfx will be reopened in the northbound direction shortly. this traffic report is brought to you by jiffy lube. would you drink a cup of coffee that's a year old? that's what your asking your car to do when you don't get your oil change. stop into jiffy lube and get the oil changed today. now 6 minutes before 7:00. marty is over at first warning
6:54 am
weather. >> let's take a look at great first warning doppler weather radar. i expanded so we can take a look at what's coming our way. we're going to have times of rain today but not rain all afternoon. any shower or thunderstorm could be heavy. by mainly later, i want to say after 11:00. we'll go for a high of 86. it's the humidity that will get your attention. partly cloudy, 72 degrees over night. still a shower or thunderstorm around. much the same tomorrow with a high of 87. saturday if you want to make plans for later afternoon, fine. i think we start out cloudy in the morning. that will be the day of change. sunday, monday and tuesday not looking bad. 85, 87 and 86 degrees. don, take it away. in the news this morning, a baltimore county woman will take the stand today to explain why she hired a hit man to kill her husband. karla porter is expected to testify in her
6:55 am
defense a day after jurors heard her and saw her videotaped confession to police that she orchestrated the plot that left her husband dead in 2010. prosecutors say she paid walter bishop $9,000 to kill her husband. he's already serving life in prison. a big fire at the nairobi airport in kenya strands eight marylanders. 10 maryland volunteers with habitat for humanity were on their way to the airport when the fire started. now they're stuck there and hoping to get a flight back home soon. this morning the fbi continues to investigate a bomb threat left at elijah cumberland's district office in meant vernon. the fbi and hazmat teams were called in after an unknown substance was found stuck on the door.
6:56 am
cumberland, tells wjz whoever put it there wanted it to look explosive. a victory for the family of a local woman whose cancer cells have led to grouped breaking medical advances for years. henrietta lacks died of ovarian cancer. doctors have been using her cells in research ever since. now her family came to an agreement with johns hopkins to say who can use those cells. the wizards have announced they will play in charm city against the knicks. the game will bring carmelo anthony back do his hometown. it's scheduled for thursday, october 17th begins at 7:00 p.m. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news,
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